WL//WH Track Of The Day: BEREZINA “Last Exit”

Track Of The Day BEREZINA

“Last Exit” is the third single, and the second to be included in the forthcoming debut EP from the dynamic guitar pop outfit from Paris, Berezina, distinctive of the band’s vibrant and kaleidoscopic mix of dreamy, reverbed, noisy and ‘melancholic’ pop/rock sound.

Lyrically, the song deals with the moment when a person’s dreams are completely shattered, and emptiness and fear of failure take hold, arousing, however, the support, comfort, and companionship of a mate.

Unremitting busy, shuffling drum beats fuel the swirling evocative atmospheric haze from the interplay between obsessive dense and tight, DIIV-like, jangly melodies with distorted ringing riffs, laced by reverb-drenched guitars, to surround edgy vocals, shifting between urgent angsty and romantic heartfelt moods, with a longing for understanding amid feelings of doubt and hope.

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