WL//WH Track Of The Day: BENT “At This Place”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  BENT  

Popped up on Bandcamp yesterday, although somehow already released on Soundcloud and YouTube around one month ago, “At This Place” is the debut single by Bent, the Aschheim-based music project by Bavarian composer and producer Niko Martens, who deploys invigorating familiar bits from the late 80s/90s EBM /Wave /Industrial /Dark Electro tropes, leaning to Leæther Strip and Skinny Puppy, yet laced with a distinctive atmospheric and expansive highly evocative metaphysical melodic flair. 

Lyrics reflect on a familiar forgotten place where childhood phantoms stir a troubled soul with discomforting amnesia, frustration and dread.

“At This Place” sparks off thunderous hard-hitting snares, punctuated by quick crisp rolls, along with ominous syncopated rumbling basslines, stabbed by stacking chiming synths, to resound in and out with uncanny dramatic tension, encircled by haunting ethereal choirs, atop anxious rasping vocals, drawing sinister breathes of fear and shame, evoked by intense mysterious murky strains of lost memories.

BENT‘s debut single, “At This Place”, is taken from the upcoming EP “Decades”. More infos soon.

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