WL//WH Track Of The Day: BenjiAntePortas “November“

Track Of The Day  BenjiAntePortas  

Even if he humbly defines himself as ‘an auditory one-man art project that can neither sing, compose nor produce’, the German singer-songwriter under the alias BenjiAntePortas, hailing from the culturally lively, as far as I remember, South-Western university city of Freiburg im Breisgau, has delivered, over the last three months, a heady and austere 80’s tinged Post-punk sound, interspersed by electro-acoustic Indie-Rock numbers like the latest synth colored Bowiesque track Lost In Space”, laced with stripped-down and terse arrangements, yet intensely groovy, through a seamless intricate and gripping melodic interplay between a prominent throbbing bass and driven sharp guitars, to depict haunted and bleak monochromatic impressions of pensive melancholy and lovelorn dreams.

“November“ weaves an intimate poetic introspection about winter depression that teeters between harsh cold brooding and warm dreamy hope, built around a lithe meandering bassline and hypnotic bouncy drum beats, to provide the somberly emotional counterpart of agonized semi-spoken vocal confessions, pierced by subtly pricking and plaintive wiry guitar strains laced with restrained taut abrasive riffs, rattling breathless anxiety through moody bipolar obsessions.

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