WL//WH Track Of The Day : BEIGE BANQUET “Acid Bath”

Track Of The Day    BEIGE BANQUET

Originating out of the bedroom recordings of London-based musician Tom Brierley, with a lo-fi ‘egg-punk’ inspired last year’s first cult album, “Beta”, under his belt, Beige Banquet evolved into a buzzing 5-piece band, with the additions of Ian Crafter (Drums), Joe Munsey (Guitar and Vocals), Danny Gillies (Bass), and Blake Carlson-Joshua (Percussion, synth, vocals), fronted by Brierley (Guitar and vocals), making a name for themselves with their feverish performances over the country’s live circuit.

Now after trading the icy Drum Machine for an organic drum kit, and dropping a self-titled four-track EP in collaboration with fellow UK DIY label Just Step Sideways and Berlin‘s Mangel Records, paired with an extensive European tour, evidenced by last April’s aptly titled LP “Live! Live! Live!”, the band, developed into a tight-knit and propulsive unit, is going to release their sophomore EP, “Acid Bath“, in early 2023, previewed by a single of the same name.

Echoing Gang of Four, The Fall, and Big Black, Beige Banquet deliver an electrifying, edgy, and frenzied rock-n-roll sound, propelled by hypnotic motorik grooves and riotous ominous bass vibrations, defined by a punk-to-the-core attitude, mixed with both sharp and minimal moody Post-punk and jarring early 90s Noise-Rock, wobbling between raw boisterous energy and jittery anguished moods. or anguished darkness

“Acid Bath” deals with nihilistic lyrics delivering an ode to bitter desperation in the form of a temporary undefined solution found in an “Acid Bath” of caustic, disconnected moods.

A bouncy menacingly rumbling bass line in the foreground, along with metronomically compulsive drums, throb ceaselessly in a frantic hopeless rush, ruthlessly tormented by sour guitar slivers, stringent chipped scrapes, and slathered abrasive riffs, ignited by rapid breathless chanting vocals, interspersed by zippy sharp hooks, ranting and releasing unbridled anxiety into urgent obsessive swells of hope and doubt.

Caustic, peculiar, yet compelling all at once…Listen loud!

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