WL//WH Track Of The Day: BANTAM LYONS “Branque” [Music From The Masses Records]

Track Of The Day Bantam Lyons

Hailing from Brest, with a name taken from Joyce’s “Ulysses”, amazing Football- flavoured song’s title such as “I want to be Peter Crouch”, also a brilliant live gig not too far from here around 4 years ago, the Breton band Bantam Lyons is back with a new song “Branque”, first releases, after the last EP “Oh, Cordelia!” in 2017, for fellow independent Brestois label Music From The Masses.

The now 5-piece play an impassioned and morose Brit-inspired post-punk, bristling with emotional energy and chiming boundless melancholia, while still being strongly melodic, constantly showing vibrant and solid songwriting builds on bleak serpentine bass hooks, reminiscent of early The Cure, Chameleons-like thrilling layered guitar interplay over a baritone crooner with echoes of Morrissey’s brooding introspection, peppered with Mogwai and The Twilight Sad mesmeric post-rock leanings, as the last part of the new single subtly reveals.

Underpinned by sinuous and meandering bassline hearty pulsations, winding around vigorous scattered off-tempo drums, crome-dusted abrasive tinny riffing fluctuate ceaselessly with ringing and reverberating mournful, rippling intensity, subtly layered with a bright, atmospheric swooping and seething crescendo over sad, lonely male vocals, longing and suffering in anticipation for the past, lost in a world of unfulfilled dreams.

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