WL//WH Track Of The Day: AZAR PARALELO “Lucero Underground”

Track Of The Day  Azar Paralelo 

Another song that recently crossed my path and stuck in my head, is the debut single “Lucero Underground” by the 4-piece based in Bogotá, Colombia, Azar Paralelo, made up of Mateo Aguilar (drums), Joan Camilo Llanos (bass), David Muñoz (guitar, vocals) and Germán Salamanca (keyboards), an intriguing blend of krautrock rhythmic repetition, pulsating post-punk, reverb-drenched shoegaze, gloomy darkwave and addictive 80’s pop.

Apparently a song about, secrets, desire, and fame,“Lucero Underground” is a sombre, sullen and seductive slice of ‘jangly’ darkwave. Introduced by soaring and hypnotic guitar chords increasingly more and more sparkly and jangly, underpinned by precise bass and pounding drumming, and enveloped by lush, icy and keyboards, that interweave and mingle throughout the dim and shadowy atmosphere in a flurry of wistful and intense emotions. The beautifully evocative and romantic vocals set the angry, frustrated, seemingly jealous tone of this secret journey. Lucero says “come with me” but only if clandestine, not by the path of the wanderer, and even if you do not shine like a star.

Surprisingly refined and utterly bewitching, Azar Paralelo is another young band to follow closely.

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