WL//WH Track Of The Day: AUSTERE MOON “Leave the Memory”


In a lazy and dazed period of ‘sun and beach’, from whom I’m barely slinking away, with very few releases, at least in the post-punk camp, worth the attention, just let’s slip back to a few days ago with a remixed version of a song, “Leave the Memory”, from last year’s debut mini-album “Claustrophobic Nightmare”, possibly past unnoticed to the most, by Long Island, N.Y. based, ‘still in development’, goth-infused dark post-punk and minimal wave solo project, Austere Moon.

After an initial She-Past Away-alike bass/guitar hypnotic interplay, agonized vocals slip through a seething concoction of whining guitar textures and desolate synth tones.

“Leave the Memory” weaves bleak bassline and achingly sparkling, grainy guitar chords, charged by tight steady skipping rhythm patterns, that crawl on endlessly with brooding intensity and sorrowful emotions, whilst icy cold wafting synth sweeps wander desolately over forlorn, waiflike chant releases of sad, hopeless memories into the detached reality of misfortune.

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