WL//WH Track Of The Day : AUFBAU PRINCIPLE “And the bleeding is slow”

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Attractive since their scientific German name, Aufbau Principle are a Scottish 4-piece based out of Glasgow, claiming to ‘create caustic and doomed out post-punk’.

Formed in late 2017, and initially a trio comprised of Ruth Switalski (drums), Stefano Pia (bass) and Kieran Milne (guitar, vocals), after a demo at the start of the year, soon followed by their 5-track debut EP “Goodhead”,  here is the brand new 2-track single “And the Bleeding is Slow” with the addition of the second guitarist Qaiyyum Tajudin, ‘two love songs for the broken hearted or those with hearts needing breaking’.

“And the Bleeding is Slow” is a dark romantic love song, intimist, enticing and desolate, driven by an extraordinarily deep, mournful and melodic bass backed by obsessive and hypnotic drumming. The sharp, melancholic guitar lines underpinned by the romantic droning vocals help convey a deep sense of sadness, isolation and fear to be alone.

A song of raw and profound energy, blurs the line between past and present in a convincing and most effective darkly way.


  1. stencil 18th June 2018