WL//WH Track Of The Day: AU REVOIR BRUNO “Sans controle”

Track Of The Day Au revoir Bruno 

Morlaix is a charming little town in the Finistère region of Brittany, which I personally enjoyed decades ago, certainly far from any alienation and decay of a large metropolis, but which nonetheless is the ground for the work-in-progress solo project of the enigmatic artist William Chevalier under the alias of Au revoir Bruno.

As we can listen as well in the recent Bravo Béton ! LP, but I could add LIitovsk or Maman Küsters at first, anger, irony, dissonance and hopeless energy seem not lacking in the parts around Brest.

After a discontinuous but interesting debut album with a stripped-down yet off-kilter, and rather imaginative dark sound with some French chanson hints, mainly built on drum machines, a driving bleak and melodic bass, droning effects and jittery emotional-ridden vocalizations, self-dubbed “Post-Punk aquatique”, due to its lo-fi nature crossed in the background by enveloping waves of muffled rustling frequencies, Au revoir Bruno seems to have risen to the surface with the latest frantic single “Sans controle”.

Lead by the dry rattles of a ceaselessly metronomic synthetic rhythmic pattern the track winds through an oppressive and menacing sinewy bassline, as always in the foreground, meandering and slithering obsessively, tortured by jagged, chopping and discording shards, to echo the bristling emotive dissonance of urgent vocals, releasing rushed spoken word frenzies, impassioned cries, and anxious gasps into a compulsive entanglement of shredding dread.

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