WL//WH Track Of The Day: ATTIC EYES “Seer”

Track Of The Day  ATTIC EYES  

Back to Knoxville, Tennesse again, soon after the New Wavish sound from The New Romantics, with Attic Eyes, this time with more specifically Post-Punk / Dark Wave leanings for a band getting ready for their debut self-titled EP, after last year’s solid first single, interspersed with a cover version of Ministry’s “Revenge”.

The 3-piece, inspired by Post-punk, Cold Wave, Goth and Industrial bands from the 80s and 90s’, made of Travis Morgan (formerly of NCC Records) on synths, John Clercx on guitar, and Adam Deal on vocals, have previewed the first track “Steer”.

 Stirring lyrics confess to a dangerous life of sacrifice and humiliation in order to keep a loved one safe. “Steer” delivers a sharp, edgy, energetic and stripped-down take on Post-punk with early Interpol vibes, as well as absolutely catchy and emotional, constructed on sparkling and evocative guitar work and a heartfelt and intensely brooding prominent vocal delivery.

Unrelenting skipping rhythmic patterns and throbbing droning basslines charge shape-shifting emotive guitar melodies, rife with pain-filled sentiments, veering between hypnotic and obsessive riffs, now achingly sharp and searing, now somberly atmospheric, wandering along with excruciating soaring outbursts and baritonal rippling poignancy, to create an intricate and dynamic dramatic framework, adorned by desolate bright synth drapes, for urgent deeply emotional vocals, releasing agony and heartache into a crying river of bleeding agony.

Attic Eyes‘ forthcoming Self-Titled EP is due out on September 3, 2023. Here is the Pre-Order Link.

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