WL//WH Track Of The Day : Astio † “Bengala”

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Few days ago Astio † came to mind when I was listening to Truemantic new album, both far from the big urban areas, from Trento, North of Italy the former, South the latter, same alienation, paranoia and angst, just a different, but just as effective, approach on the post punk genre.

I was highly impressed from Simone Valentini debut EP “Catasta” at the end of 2016 via the Bleib Moderne’s Philipp Läufer‘s Black Verb label, 6-track of fresh and visceral synth driven darkwave, an already clear indication of great potential and talent.  Then maybe work commitments, indecisions about which path to follow, a short-lived US indie-influenced project, and now a surprisingly welcome return with a new track from a split with the punk band Impulso.

The main and exciting news is that Astio † is no more a solo project, but a real band, precisely a power trio, bass/guitar/drums/voice, with a more abrasive and stripped-down, synth-less, direct dark post punk sound in the wake of UK 80’s band like early Killing Joke, Crisis, post-oi Blitz, UK Decay and Ausgang, on the edge between melody and distortion, bleak dark atmosphere and noise driven energy.

“Bengala” is laced with tension, urgency and angst, pulsating bass lines, pounding drums, penetrating and striking reverbed guitar riffs underpinned by echoing detached and hipnotic  vocals gripped by contrasting feelings of attraction-repulsion, love and hate towards someone close of the lyrics.

A bold and compelling return for a project I thought lost, a new track is on the way soon, possibly their first gig too, Astio † are here to stay and satisfy your dark post-punk cravings, just keep a close on them.

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