WL//WH Track Of The Day : ARTIFICIAL MONUMENTS “Tired Bodies (feat. Cecilia Wörlén)”

Track Of The Day Artificial Monuments

Artificial Monuments was a dark minimal/synthpop group created in 2013, made of synthesists Johannah Jørgensen (Metro Cult), Kim Wolf Andersen (MOTH/Chainsaw Eaters) and Patrick Ringsborg (MOTH) from Copenhagen, Denmark, that are going to drop their long-delayed debut album on cassette in March via Rusted Teeth / Funeral Tapes and on vinyl from Dead Wax Records later in the year.

Inspired by the dark synth waves pioneers of the late ’70s / early’ 80s such as Silicon Teens, Eleven Pond, Iron Curtain, Lives of Angels and Solid Space, the trio craft a sombre and profoundly melancholic synthetic sound, never disturbing, always covered by a cold blanket of greys. The feature of different singers as, Mala HerbaCecilia WörlénPatrick RIna Noire and Lisa Løebekken (Techne), provide intriguing depths and emotional nuances to the band’s sonic spectrum.

In the final track “Tired Bodies (feat. Cecilia Wörlén)” unremitting hypnotic buzzing bass pulsations, coupled with syncopated sharp beats, propel the song forward, swathed in icy and mournful synth washes that ooze melancholy and despair at once beautifully restrained and overflowing with overwhelming sadness and profound desolation, embodied by resonant and emotional vocals brimming with helplessness and pain, establishing a distinctive yet familiar poignant and alluring dark and wistful synth sound.

A labour of love, dedication and passion from the Copenhagen synth pop scene of around 5 years ago that, after a long and difficult gestation period, is going to find its final release, it’s worth all your attention and devotion…

Here is a recent fan video for the song 

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