WL//WH Track Of The Day: ARMOIRE “Beatless”

Track Of The Day  Armoire  

ARMOIRE is the San Diego, California-based one-man project of Ariel Iribe, who is forging, in his spare time, swirling and rousing dark synth-laden pop with a sparkling and ethereally wistful approach to the post-punk and new wave aesthetic of the early 80s, enriched by a sheer, haunting voice, rich in high notes, somehow halfway between Robert Smith and Marc Almond, laced with genuine angst and frustration, as crafted through deep passion and distinct creativity with, judging from his early handful of tunes, captivating and enthralling results.

The new single “Beatless” mechanically dances to the throbbing rhythm of vigorous syncopated beats along with an ominous rumbling bassline, struck by glittering bursts of flashing synthetic chords in obsessive swirls of gleaming obsession, that ricochet and intertwine across incandescent tinkling expanses, creating bubbling heat and turbulent moods oozing from the nostalgic, defiant male vocals’ seething release of bitter regret into the bleak and lonely horizons of icy betrayal.

Armoire seems to have the intention to release a track a week, we can’t help but follow.

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