WL//WH Track Of The Day: ANTIFLVX “Lluvia”

Track Of The Day  Antiflvx  

As in some way we were humble testimonies of the start of the Colombian band, we cannot miss the brand new profoundly stirring single from Bogotá based duo, Antiflvx, the ‘last before the beginning of a new era’,

a song ‘made of water, made of rain’.

The esoteric lyrics compose heartbreaking metaphors of the sea to elicit feelings of hopelessness, sorrow, and isolation at the twisted hands of apocalyptic doom.

Rumbling forsaken bassline resonance, steadily cut by slashing rhythms, throbs hopelessly against a melancholia-drenched backdrop of gleaming synth chords, achingly flashing in sync with gentle, emotional baritone vocals’ release ominous despair and nostalgia into the tinkling, deceptively fragile tides of fate. 

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