WL//WH Track Of The Day: ANOTHER ABYSS “Nothing Remains”


The stripped-down, moody and introspective 80s UK-influenced Post-punk / New Wave one-man band, Another Abyss, from Southern Germany, has just completed his first four-track EP, “Once More Without Feeling”, assembled by dropping a song on a weekly basis during the month of June.

The Ludwigsburg-based act carves out forlorn and melancholic atmospheres with a subtly gothic flair, imbued with the gloomy, poignant deep bass vibrations, wrapped with effect-laden sparkling evocative 6-string melodies and painful, dejected and rich vocal harmonies, brooding and wavering in an elegiac spectral dance, recalling the romantic, haunting allure of Tom Smith or Paul Banks.

The latest release, “Nothing Remains”, laced with meditative lyrics confessing shame, disgust, and regret over watching another die, unravels amidst steady off-tempo snare beats, melody carrying wistful undulating basslines, swaying and pulsing in the foreground, stippled by bittersweet guitar chords that lament with repeated hypnotic disheartening glimmers shifting into wiry wails around emotional, haunted croons mourning in hopeless, aching breathes of angsty fear, to sink astray under the burdensome weight of a guilty awareness.

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