WL//WH Track Of The Day: [ANGST] “Never Sleep Again”

Track Of The Day [ANGST]

I believe that one of the most liberating and cathartic feelings is playing, listening and creating music; even more, it must be in a war zone surrounded by continuous bomb alarms and hopefully still faraway blasts, as usual art must go on as much as possible in spite of everything as a unifying and peaceful means.

Some of you should know Bedroom Talks, the Lviv, Ukraine based Cold Minimal Electronic project of Jin Kei, featured several times over here, and his last year’s excellent debut album “Quiet Shelter” via SwissDarkNights Label. 

[ANGST] is the name of the Ukrainian musician’s raw aggressive techno body music side project, possibly the fittest for these unpredictable times due to its minimalistic, unprocessed and straightforward transposition on tape via a vintage reel-to-reel recorder, which has dropped a sinister and entrancing new track “Never Sleep Again”, obviously highly influenced by the current events looming around.

Introduced and interspersed with quotes from the infamous J. Robert Oppenheimer‘s post-atomic speech invoking the ancient Hindu sacred Bhagavad-Gita text ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds’, hypnotic kicks, surrounded by eerie glowing synth wails and dismal hums, trigger acid-flecked bassline to inject buzzing ominous murky yet stringent convulsive vibes over slashing metronomic snares, scattered by crisp rolling percussive patterns, and hovering vocal loop warnings of death and destruction, building nervous war-torn moods of uncertain catastrophic fear around minimal paralyzed and haunted vocals overwhelmed by mechanical, throbbing rhythms and creepy vocal loop atmospherics, to rise and fall in wicked bulky and swirling droning intensities of unrelenting dread, terror, and dire psychological aggravations.

As we hope to hear more music from Jin Kei soon, ‘in bocca al lupo, dear’, as we are used to say over here.

We must stand unified, even further.

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