WL//WH Track Of The Day: ANGLETER “ogni/lights”

Track Of The Day  Engleter

Hailing from the capital and the ‘Manchester’ of the Urals region of Russia, Yekaterinburg, ANGLETER is the solo moniker of musician Evgeny Lukin, who has just dropped his second single entitled “ogni / lights.”

Described by the artist as ‘a rhythmic kaleidoscope of analog synthesizers, supplemented by the same noisy guitar and vocals howling at the autumn moon’, “ogni” is a dark, deeply personal, heartfelt take on the post-punk and darkwave sound of the 80s, with unmistakable nods to the hypnotic lashing drum patterns and the gloomily sparkling guitars of bands like Xmal Deutschland and Skeletal Family, heighten by a deep penetrating voice.

Unremitting thunderous snare beats, sparsely interspersed by terse hand-claps, woven with undulating and sputtering bassline, are penetrated by ominous frozen swathes of piercing synths that blaze and vibrate alongside mournful, searing guitar progressions achingly shrilling in the darkness of the night, while spacious, flickering, atmospheric vocals fear time, anxiety, and uncertainty in a lost sultry outflow of echoing drone.

Highly danceable, I’d be surprised if I did not hear it on the most open-minded darkwave/post-punk mixes around.

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