WL//WH Track Of The Day: ANADYR “First of All Pleasures”

Track Of The Day ANADYR  

I somehow missed the first album, “22 Hours Darkness”, by Anadyr, the Gothenburg-based duo Emma Bergstedt and Johan Hellqvist, who debuted in 2022 with a dark, atmospheric electronic sound, rather different from what we could usually expect from the Nordic label Progress Productions, mainly devoted to Future-Synth-Pop, Industrial and Darkwave leanings, but being inspired by an ideal of quality first, not so surprising then.

New single “First of All Pleasures“, the first glimpse from the upcoming second album, intriguingly blends the most hypnotic and nocturnal Trip-Hop cadences with ancestral Darkwave a la Dead Can Dance, uncanny Cosmic giddiness and arcane Folk inflections, where past and present, synthetic and organic, are incessantly co-mingling in a dark, immersive and bewitching sound, crept by a deep sense of foreboding.

“First of All Pleasures” lyrically, reveals an inner conflict between conforming to the illusion presented by the world  or challenging it with free will, thought, and change.

Ritual, clattering, and stomping percussive patterns pulse with a ritual hypnotizing downtempo pace along with dense swelling flows of murky droning basslines, surrounded by eerie chilly layers of otherwordly synth flares, whilst haunting emotional vocals chant and cry with powerful piercing frequencies into an eerie eclectic folktale.

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