WL//WH Track Of The Day : AN IDEAL FOR LIVING ‘Land Of The Lost’

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An Ideal For Living is the Swedish post punk/new wave project of Mattias Nordenberg.

If the name leaving no doubt about their inspiration, the band’s post-punk approach is not a mere tired copycat, but instead are their rampant spontaneity and freshness that make a difference.

The A-side of the new 2-track single, on Ytare Recordings‘Land Of The Lost’ spread along rumbling and throbbing bass lines, steady drum beat, an evocative almost speaking ranting voice backed by derailing and angular guitar chords, generating genuine and strong emotions. 

An Ideal For Living‘s music shows, once again, how post-punk, in its ‘complicated semplicity’, is still, and will ever be, able to deeply touch the heart and soul like no other, a band you can’t afford to miss. 


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