WL//WH Track Of The Day: ALTAN “Binalar”

Track Of The Day  Altan  

Popped up for me this morning on Soundcloud, Istanbul-based one-man sad doomer band ???????????????????? has just released his sophomore 5-track EP “Aciz”, defined as an album by the way, with an 80s inspired post-punk sound paired with emotionally detached vocals sung in Turkish, ranging from poignant and dramatic darkwave with punchy rhythms, painful and piercing reverberated guitars, restless synth textures, of the title track “Aciz” and the other single “Kurtar Beni”, both released a few months ago, where anguish and gloom translate into a restless urgency of pain and catharsis, while the remaining new tracks, apart from the atmospheric and introspective sombre ballad “Şubat”, explore more stark and bleak synth-laden dark pop territories.

From the latter kind, “Binalar” (Buildings), apparently a protest song, has been buzzing around my ears all day, ricochets off relentless off-tempo punchy beats and marching rumbling low ends down a syncopated frenzied rush of an obsessive spiral of doom, while a humming whirlwind of glassy wandering synth stretching, shrinking and twisting atop cold distressed male vocals and warm airy sighs ignite numb melancholic moods from the relentless barrage of modern dystopic anxiety.

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