WL//WH Track Of The Day: ALONE AFTER MIDNIGHT “Out Of Time”

Track Of The Day     ALONE AFTER MIDNIGHT   

After a promising debut EP “Without Her” at the start of the year, the international, Canadian/Portuguese duo, Alone After Midnight, return with an atmospheric and trance-inducing guitar-driven new single, “Out Of Time”, straddling shadowy wistful post-punk and hypnotic droning shoegaze.

Metronomic synthetic beats fuel an ominous repetitive, warbling bassline delving into a drenched monochromatic drift of guitar distortion, harmonic and abrasive at the same time, winding through, obsessively penetrating whirls and restrained swelling echoes, in an embracing cathartic cyclical pattern, over which float anxiously, disheartened male vocals, brooding hopelessly while “running out of time.”

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