WL//WH Track Of The Day: ALICE GREAVES “Our Bells”

Track Of The Day  ALICE GREAVES  

In the dynamic panorama of current post-punk revival we certainly cannot expect anything innovatively surprising, but certainly freshness, personality and a certain degree of compositional refinement, yes. The Madrid-based Spanish 4-piece Alice Greaves confirm with the new 4-tracker, “Bow & Arrow”, all the good impressions they had ignited with their first EP around 2 years ago through a straightforward but at the same time refined approach to the gloomy Post-punk and austere Dark Wave from the 80s, skeletal organic drums, an incessantly clean and bleak bass throbbing with decadent elegance, sharp guitars immersed in icy whirls of mesmeric shoegazing reverberations, evocative washes of bright keyboards and rich and resonant angsty vocalizations reminiscent of Paul Banks.

Together with the chiming and bouncing emotional-ridden “Andersen”, the most intriguing of the lot, more than seven minutes long, equal parts distressed and moody, is the closing,“Our Bells”, rotating around a hypnotic murky bassline that pulses, simmering away incessant morose darkness, amid sparse off-tempo dry drum beats, whilst effect-laden guitar wails in agony, coloured by wistful swirls of eerie keyboard drama around heartfelt vocals injecting piercing croons of sadness, alienation, and regret into an obsessive melancholy of meandering pain along a slowly soaring poignant instrumental coda, buily on hopeless rippling low ends and agonizing scything 6-string distortions.

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photo by @oscillatewendy