WL//WH Track Of The Day : Aktion Mutante ft. Zanias ”Internal Problem”

Track Of The Day

Aktion Mutante is the Berlin-based collaborative moniker of Italian electronic artist and Veleno Viola label founder Francesco Baudazzi aka Violet Poison and the Greek producer and Liber Null label co-founder Manos Simotas aka Unhuman, fully devoted to experiment and blend together the gloomy minimal-wave of the 80s with mutant elements from EBM, Synth-Punk, Industrial sonic spectrum.

”Internal Problem” is a Martin Rev-inspired synth-punk number, spiced by the unearthly and sinister lament by Australian-born and Berlin-based musician and vocalist Zoè Zaniasto build a tension that doesn’t yield to the hypnotic and obsessive rhythm of the drum machine and the gloomy, disturbing, desperate atmosphere, trapped in a vicious circle of anguish and impotence that doesn’t seem to know any glimmer of light.

The amazing and haunting presence of Zanias gives an extra depth, uncanny and otherworldly feel to the dark and visceral music of the Italo/Greek production duo who never disappoints.

Aktion Mutante self-titled vinyl 12″ is out now for the new excellent Berlin-based Italian DIY vinyl/tape label She Lost Control.

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