WL//WH Track Of The Day: Age O.P.F “Strange Lover”

Track Of The Day Age O.P.F

Age O.P.F is a strictly DIY German one-man project based in Dortmund, with already 5 albums under his belt since 2017, experimenting, equipped of few technical resources, with a minimal synth-laden, dark electro, sometimes EBM and industrial flavoured, sound.
Age O.P.F has dropped a few days ago the 4-track EP “5 1​/​4”, in which the loveable “Strange Lover” clearly stands out.

A subtly riveting and stirring, sonically tense and morose dark electro tune sustained by relentless pounding terse snare beats over atmospheric, repetitive and bleak circular low looping piano patterns sparsely cut by deep-icy swaths of synth, slowing down the rhythms for a brief moment, as if they pierced the heart, whilst coarse quivering and pained ‘scorched-earth’ male vocals, echoed in haunting remorse, confess deception, shame, and fear in a visceral dissection of body, soul and heart.

On his Bandcamp the artist states ‘Aware that this music only pleases a minority, Age O.P.F hopes that you may be one.’ We sure are!

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