WL//WH Track Of The Day: ÄDWUD “Magnolia”

Track Of The Day  Ädwud

Ädwud is the alias of a solo artist from the ‘devastating outskirts of Cologne‘, apparently with ‘desperately in need of fellow Fuckheads to start a band’, a plan that doesn’t seem to have succeeded judging by the fair amount, between EPs and Albums, started since the end of 2017, mostly homemade lo-fi, raw and melodic Garage-Rock-Punk, albeit with a wide range of sound action ranging from Dream-Pop, Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Krautrock and whatever.

Genre already approached here and there and especially last year with the album, “The Former World”, via local independent label mörtelsounds, the 80s influenced Post-punk combined with intense reverberated shades of atmospheric Shoegaze, is back to peep out with a new 3-track EP, following a “Quarantine” 6-tracker in which he paid even a playful tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival and Muddy Waters.

Sitting in the middle amongst the urgent stumbling rhythms and the meandering sombre basslines, scraped by sheets of invigorating riffage from the opening “E​.​Y​.​P​.​F​.​S.” and the utterly sorely introspective, almost psychedelic, dirgey “Avid”, stabbed with frantic bursts of despairing electricity, the Joy Division-tinged “Magnolia” unravels punchy hypnotic drum beats that lead a wistful pulsing bassline to swell in crisp poignant emotional ripples, twinged by abrasive gusts of wailing distortions, swirling with heart-wrenching desperation around sad, lost, and weary vocals confessing sorrow, regret, and shame amid restless shouts of fear and frustration, hopelessly overwhelmed by a surreal melancholia of shattered dreams.

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