WL//WH Track Of The Day: A DULL SET “Mouthfeel”

Track Of The Day  A Dull Set  

A Dull Set is a British duo, comprised of Sam and Hayden, hailing from the two extreme cardinal points of the UK, relocated to Prague, almost like post-punk ambassadors abroad to spread their music heritage in a part of Europe traditionally not properly renowned for the abundance of dark style bands.

Informed by known and less known groups such as The Cure, Sad Lovers and Giants, The Lines, And Also the Trees, The Durutti Column, The Chameleons the pair craft a shadowy, moody and atmospheric sound, joining the dots between brooding post-punk and shiny new wave, steeped in introspective, enveloping tones, and driving mechanical rhythms, whilst evocative finger work finely chisels meshes of crystalline strings with mesmeric, arpeggiated guitar lines, to sway vicariously between thickenings and expansions, twangs and reverberations, interacting with deep bleak bass pulsations and subtle frigid keyboard swells, further emphasised by the alluring Tim Smith-like haunting baritone vocalizations.

The new single “Mouthfeel”, via PragueBerlin-based record label & artists collective Oddity Records, sets off steadily whiplash rhythmic drive dipping into a looming haze of indwelling coldness, furrowed ceaselessly by rapid louring percolating low ends rolling sneakingly, filled out with ominous throbbing deep bass vibrations, languidly smeared by glistening meandering guitar melodies that flicker, resonate and chime, laced with aching intensity, to ignite an unsettling motion around dual male vocals layering intense shivering fears with obsessive ghostly chants to lay bare a tortured soul from the burning fires of destiny.

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