WL//WH Track Of The Day: A CLOUD OF RAVENS “Sacred Hearts”

Track Of The Day A Cloud of Ravens

Enigmatic darkwave project hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, A Cloud of Ravens has just dropped a new 3-track digital  EP “Sacred Hearts”, later to be released, coupled with their first 2-song debut, on cassette this August via fellow label 4LT4RS.

Title-track “Sacred Hearts” smothers in dismal and murky soundscapes suffused with deep love and sadness swelling in the heart of a couple broken by an unforgivable betrayal. Darkness falls and secrets lie hidden under the weight of time, fearfully waiting for the light to shine.

Frisky stuttering buzzing bassline pulses as a sickening, beating anxious heart, together with taut kicks and painfully soul-stirring piano notes, dimmed by deep, evocative,foretelling vocals, brimming with simmering gothic intensity, surge in epic and dramatic fear and tension, sharpened by punching drums and terse, foreboding synth slivers, slowly drifting into a dark, pervasive and ineluctable eternal love of heartache, that will haunt them both forever.

On the same path of debut “Under the Tow”, equally effective, still profoundly goth at heart.

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