WL//WH Track Of The Day: 89S† & PETRA FLURR “Time Off”

Track Of The Day 89S† & Petra Flurr

As the few who follow the weekly electronic playlist will know, a couple of weeks ago we highlighted the ace track by Greek producer Petro Spatharos, taken from the 4th Volume of up-and-coming London-based Meta Moto imprint’s tape compilation, the latter introduced as ‘collects part of the cream of the crop from the underground experimental dark electronics scene’, spanning from electro, industrial, post-punk, acid, techno, EBM, coldwave, noise and darkwave.

Founded in 2018 by Lithuanian DJ/producers Osvaldas Egzotikka (aka EGZOTIKKA) and Sergej Karmanov (Bell Riots), the strictly DIY Meta Moto, through its ‘not-to-be-missed’ podcasts (now at the 44th episode) and samplers, has established itself as one most inspiring and quality independent label around.

Strong of its young highly talented squadron of South American, mainly Colombian, firepower (Fillmmaker, Vltra Delta Drive, Gaël, Alpha & Necromante, Calzifer), heightened by Australian EBM ace Lbeeze (killer track collaboration with label boss EGZOTIKKA), new energetic Lithuanian blood like Teatre and Shaknis, Frankfurt am Main based edgy lo-fi Italian wizard Antonio Barbetta (aka Antonio) as Raw Ambassador, and too many to mention, is absolutely once again an essential purchase.

Last but not least, our beloved old acquaintances, the minimal electro-wave/synth-punk music duet, made of Mexican producer and DJ Carlos GrabStein a.k.a. 89st and Berlin-based, sexual genre-defying artist, charismatic multifaceted punk performer, DJ, activist and ‘agent provocateur’ Petra Flurr have contributed with the compelling hit “Time Off”, a signature of the pair’s powerful and hypnotic dark synth-punk, where Carlo’s crackling, pulsating synthetic rhythms and menacing swathes of synth lay a fierce foundation for the gripping and commanding Petra’s vocalizations.

Ominous sneakily bouncing, wicked bassline creeps through punchy whipping snares, bombed by booming industrial clangs and bursts, throbbing and rumbling over urgent magnetic caustic vocals tremble distorted directives, rebellious jeers, and maniacal laughs into the harsh mechanical soundscape of unrelenting clamour and clash of The Machine’s slave-driving culture of work urging to, “take time off!”

Currently, 89s † and Petra Flurr are finishing their second album, while an in progress tour of Latin America and Europe is actually in limbo.

89s is developing a new project with Tetsuo Paradis aka The Marquis, former member of the band Automelodi, leaning towards a more noisy, industrial, EBM sound. Stay tuned!

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89s† & Petra Flurr live at Gothic Pogo Festival 2019