WL//WH Track Of The Day: 4VESTA “Sunsets”

Track Of The Day 4VESTA

The fluorescent asteroid 4Vesta returns more than two years after the “Static” EP, not to deflate but to melt, sooth, and broaden the sentient perceptive boundaries of the listener.

The elusive Brooklyn, NY Shoegazers deliver their fourth “Sunsets” EP, two tracks of, equally dense and airy, Drone-Dream-Pop washed in shoegaze textures that drift across the mind’s imagination yearning for wistful longing and hopeful perspectives, adorned by bewitching vocalizations, reminiscent of Ellie Rowsell’s languid lull.

Drawing from the sneakingly melodic and emotive ethereal moods in the wake of Cocteau Twins or Pale Saints, the title track arouses a mesmeric and enveloping melancholy that vibrates in a fine balance between rhythm and suspension to flow across a guitar-woven sizzling neon-lit tapestry of vivid refractions and shuddering echoing flourishes, rippling and shimmery above a swaying bed of muted rolling percussions, punctuated by metronomic tinny crashing beats, whilst drowsy, fluid vocal waves fuse with painful celestial cries to float, amidst slow wistful fluting whirls, through the warm fading feelings of lost “Sunsets.”

More akin to classic 90s shoegaze leanings with a psychedelic bent, yet no less tantalizing, “Inside-Outside” spirals through reiterated, vaguely noisy, trance-inducing guitar layers of fuzzed-out rustling distortion that envelop, without ever submerging, sad, narcotic vocals, lingering in and out, with numb breaths of anxiety, behind an overstimulating veil of invisible menace.

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