WL//WH Track Of The Day: 4DVERSARY “Veil”

Track Of The Day  4dversary

Although already on Soundcloud for a few years, the enigmatic instrumental solo project 4dversary from Baltimore, Maryland seems to have dropped out of his purely electronic excursions, to focus, in the approximately last 12 months, just on the atmospheric, expansive and immersive brooding realms of the dark, cold and dreamy post-punk and new wave sounds, both ecstatic and energetic, of early 4AD and mid-period The Cure, with soaring guitars, underpinned by a meandering bass, to create an enveloping glistening web and icy vortex of richly textured spooky sounds, swirling and drifting dramatically in a sea of ​​melancholy.

Reflective and shimmering Shoegaze reverberations entwined with ethereal wistful melodies and concealing shadows of gloomy Darkwave, disclose a universe of overwhelming emotions, mining the hidden depths of melancholic and angsty introspection with blissful transcendental grace in an unabating interplay between dark and light.

One of the two unreleased songs from the band’s latest 5-track “Demo” EP, “Veil” ignites steady plodding tinny snares along with bleak pulsing bass that rumbles and murmurs somberly, saturated by blooming delay cascades of effect-laden guitar shimmer in a narcotic and rarefied nostalgic dimension, amid lonely swells of hopelessly distorted energy and shivering synth cries, perpetually teetering on the edge of luminescent oblivion by contemplating the unfathomable despair of the human condition.

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