WL//WH Track Of The Day: 3V3C3S3 “Reflejos”

Track Of The Day  3V3C3S3

Following last year’s debut EP “III”, a collection of their first three singles, Chilean electronic music project 3V3C3S3 (three times three), started in the middle of the 2020 pandemic between friend producers Daniel Cornejo, based in Valparaíso, and Fernando Figueroa, in Santiago, have dropped today “Reflejos”, the third and last song of 3 minutes and 33 seconds each, to be included in the upcoming sophomore EP “Sangre” via Pinkbunker label.

The duo deliver a multifaceted analog synth-laden sound made of a heady combination of New Wave, Post-punk, Synth-pop and Dreampop, which sparkle with dark energy, freshness and heavy emotional edge, enhanced with esoteric introspective lyrics as if to escape the oppression of everyday life.

“Reflejos” juxtaposes vibrant dancing rhythms to emotive lush keyboards and poetic confessions of defeat toward the ancient hands of sleepy, invisible shadows.

Urgent and syncopated beats along with buzzing low ends are encompassed by a stirring whirlwind of bright flashing synth swirls, to swell in widespread stirring palpitations of, both decadent and romantic, sweeping melancholy, around slightly out of tune, angsty aching vocals, rising and falling in breathless howls and fearful, emotional harmonies amid intoxicating swarms of obscure forces.

3V3C3S3‘s sophomore EP “Sangre” is slated for release soon, on Mini CD and Cassette formats, via Santiago‘s independent label Pinkbunker., whilst another EP is planned for the next few months.

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