WL//WH Track Of The Day : † TRIUMPHANT RACE † ‘When You Turn Your Head’

Track Of The Day

Prolific Vermont‘s independent solo project of Puerto Rico-born writer and musician Etienne Tel’uialTriumphant Race keeps dropping, almost on weekly basis, excellent ‘synthpop/minimal wave for the disenchanted and disillusioned’.

In addiction last year he also started the coldwave side project ON THE FLESH together with Québécois singer and lyricist Maude Renarde, a 5-track EP titled “Clair Obscur”worth to rediscover, and recently his native Spanish language lo-fi synth-punk alias Sangre Olvidada. But that’s not all, as I just found out, still two monikers: his old black-metal turns to Latin American neo-folk Falgar and the ambient/dungeon-synth Voronda.

His last intense, moving and catharctic song “When You Turn Your Head” is awash of droning and eerie, suddenly waving, profoundly wistful synths building up in intensity and drama, underpinned by tight, sharp drumbeats over deep sonorous rhapsodic vocals of comfort, experience, and wisdom suffuse into a powerfully trippy, elevated cloud of solace and acceptance, interspersed by backing uplifting chorus and hypnotic bursts of synth. Don’t let the past consume your thoughts, it cannot be taken back, it is a waste of time. Everything happens for a reason, it might not be understood at the time, but you must move forward and not look back,“the sun will always rise…” and “…will be brighter”.

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