WL//WH Track Of The Day : Джуна [Dzhuna] ‘Автопилот / Autopilot’ (single)

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The Russian four-piece from Moscow, Джуна [Dzhuna] already made an impression with their debut 4-track EP in the spring, an addictive and melancholic blend of post-punk and shoegaze.

Just before the end of the year they replicate with the brand new single ‘Автопилот / Autopilot’ a noir-rock ricocheting into an explosion of shimmering and bouncing reverb guitars, warm bass lines, pounding drums, intense female vocals and intoxicating harmonies, yet again their clash of sounds delivers beautifully crafted cold melodies as immediate as imbued with darkly melancholic and nostalgic veins.

An anthemic statement from a band with clear ideas and songwriting depth, skilled at channelling different sounds from the past into a recognizable style without losing spontaneity and soul.

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