WL//WH Track Of The Day : ВЕДЬМА [Vedma] ‘утренний силуэт/morning silhouette’

Track Of The Day

Hailing from the third Russia‘s largest city and Siberian capital Novosibirsk, four-piece ВЕДЬМА [Vedma] are  one of the most exciting band recently emerged from the ever fervent Russian underground music scene. 

Four-track debut EP ‘последняя улыбка летней ночи / summer night’s last smile’ is filled with poignant goth-tinged dark post-punk sound as is passionate and cerebral, it is gloomy and uplifting imbued with energy, passion and razor-sharp edginess.

‘утренний силуэт/morning silhouette’  is an intricate and intriguing brooding song about secrets, lies and exposure. Crystalline glittering wistful guitar bursting with jittery electricity, icy-cold synth washes underpinned by pounding drums, clapping beats and gnarling bass are the perfect foundation for the defiant and smug vocals ultimately disclosing shame and guilt. Encompassed by magnificent yet sombre and weeping guitar leads soaring up into the dark sky.

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