WL//WH Track Of The Day : Аут / Aut “Революция / Revolution”

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It’s time for the sophomore album, titled “Эпоха / the epoch”, through the Бюро/Byuro label, for the solo project of the talented young musician Gleb Rostovtsev from Gelendzhik, a resort town by the Black Sea, with his experimental, distinctive brand of synth-pop together with toughful lyrics about the challenges and social problems of the young generations in modern days Russia.

After the very promising debut “Стоп/Stop” in 2016, the new full-length displays a more mature songwriting and a dense yet danceable, powerful sound, utilising a minimalist set up of drum machine, keyboard, synth and some guitar parts, as the single “‘Революция / Revolution” clearly shows. 

It’s an energetic, bold and defiant song about being forgotten, isolated, oppressed, and the refusal to give up. Driven since the start by a propulsive powerful and pounding drum machine woven with thick wobble fluttering basslines layered with shimmering and uplifting yet ominous swells of synth. The detached, angry vocals are persistently menacing in a seductive and intense way, we feel a strong heart that, in spite of everything, survives and burns with such intensity to fight the oppression. Depicting an atmosphere both upbeat and gloomy, brimming with strength and hope.

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