Track Of The Day The Completers

Brazilian post-punk band based in Porto Alegre, made up of Felipe Vicente (vocals, guitars and synth), Jonas Dalacorte (guitars), Lucas Richter (bass) and Guilherme Chiarelli Gonçalves (drums and pads), have just dropped their third single “End b​/​w Parallel Lines”, on ltd. vinyl 7″/Digital, through fellow DIY label Yeah You! Records.

Unlike the more atmospheric, jangly guitar-driven, yet equally brilliant, “Parallel Lines”, the dark, vibrant and pop-tinged “End” shows a diverse and intriguing arrangement, incorporating intensely pulsing and buzzing electronic elements besides bleak post-punkish bass and shimmering tangled guitar chords, imbued with sombre melodies.

Despite the clear similarities with the Smiths, especially in the voice, moreover not immediately obvious in the previous brilliant two singles, like if it was done intentionally, would be wrong and superficial dismissed “the End”, as just a mere copy and little more, it suffices to remember how many wrongly did this in the past about Sarah Records affiliated Another Sunny Day.

Ominously meandering bassline weaves into swaying droning low ends, steady pounding drum beats and skittering snake-hissing percussive patterns, interspersed by striking stop and start dynamics and wistful glowing and pulsing synth chimes, whilst incessant and achingly obsessive sparkling guitar lines glitter, agonize and sway round dire, desperate male vocals longing in lonely impassioned cries and angst-ridden wallows, dripping with lonely despair and secret desires.

The promo music video, by Santiago de Chile-based, co-founder of @brillocolectivo, digital artist and creative coder Paola G. Olea, unfurls lashing electric blue dimensions spin at warp speed into the vast corners of the mind’s eye, revealing geometric shapes and linear graphs pulsing in sync to the rhythmic backdrop. Starburst expansion and dizzying gyrations break time barrier concentration driving lost dreams and history into a supersonic swirl of delusion.

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Photo by Lincoln J. Poll Jr.