WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE CHURCHHILL GARDEN “Dreamless”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  The Churchhill Garden

Swiss multi-instrumentalist and composer Andy Jossi and his North American dream lyricist and singer from across the Atlantic, Krissy Vanderwoude, a.k.a. The Churchhill Garden, have dropped over the weekend the brand new single “Dreamless”.

With “dreamless,“ we once again return to our home port. A song full of emotions, a rollercoaster of feelings akin to sailing on stormy seas but with the horizon in sight. Inspired by dream pop and shoegaze from the early nineties, jangly guitars interchange with layers of reverb. At times reminiscent of The Cure, playful delay guitars reminiscent of old U2 recordings emerge, and above it all, Krissy‘s voice hovers, giving the song depth and emotion.

 Now established, they deftly mine and invigorate immaculate familiar aural reminiscences to draw immersive emotional spirals in which shape-shifting crystalline guitar layers harmonize seamlessly, always unrestrained to find new kaleidoscopic alchemies of sheer enchantment, at times spatial and mesmeric, others loud and penetrating, whilst celestial singing floats gently and sinuously evoking dreamlike, arcane and haunted landscapes of vibrant intimate magnetism.

Lyric-wise, a lost soul broods in the hellish emptiness of taking care of everyone but themselves, whilst hoping to re-learn how to dream.

“Dreamless” unravels sparkling guitars that unfold with soft shimmering arpeggios, light silvery strums and sweet hypnotic sparkling melodies, backed by deep bass lines and plodding drums, gliding suspended in space, wrapped in dazzling golden reflections, to soar with emotional chiming passion and distorted rousing resonance along with airy yet poignant emotional vocals, stirring wistful introspection with angsty sad cascades, to helplessly fall through turmoil into a newfound perception of light.

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