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Named after fictional bio-robotic characters in the 1982 post- apocalyptic sci-fi film ‘Blade Runner’, Replicant is a dark synth wave trio from Chicago, IL, comprised of Garrett Vernon (Vocals/Guitar/Synth), Justin DeLay (Synth/Drum Machines/Producer), and Jordan DeLay (Bass).

Live performances began in 2012 followed by their Halloween 2014 debut full-length, “Blood Moon.” The following years brought three singles and a focused refined style. Politically charged current affairs of, “sensationalism in the media, reality shows, a ground level resistance, hyperbolic characters and over-the-top egos” take the main stage.

Strategically released one month before mid-term elections, 5-track EP “The Resistance” follows last year 4-track EP “The Reckoning”, as Part II of “A Taste of Midnight”, “a portrait of our modern dystopia, and scathing commentary of our current ill-equipped administration.”

Replicant‘s music is not only a vehicle for biting criticism but also action:

“All donations will be transferred to the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project,” a project that protects all voters rights, regardless, of race, sex, religion, gender identity.:

High pitched piercing yet sensual synths lead the charge with hard-hitting neat backbeats and strong, throbbing melodic bass line paving the way for baritone Vernon’s strong passionate, hopeful croons.

A litany, reminiscent of the opening credits to a “Star Wars” movie introduces the song about rising up, fighting for a cause, and banding together. More hopeful than it’s predecessor, the anthemic hit has power and strength giving a solemn optimism to an atmosphere of struggle and controversy.

Powerful and addictive dark synth electro sounds coil and zigzag as mini organic orchestras coalesce into a stellar sonic boom of cataclysmic magnitude.

A true sign of the times!

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