WL//WH Track Of Day: NIGHDRATOR “The Mariner”


We just know the basics about the 4-piece band hailing from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, except they deliver a ‘loud, post-apocalyptic, dark, dream gaze’ sound. After a sporadic one-song release, “The Mariner”, dropped in December 2020 as a duo, comprising Emma Fruit (vox, lyrics, guitar) & JS Curley (guitar, bass, synths), Nighdrator return with an expanded formation, Nick Panella (guitar, synth, drums) and Jonathan Lee Parks (bass, synth) have joined the ranks, re-propose the previous single in a revised and corrected version, as the first preview and part of the upcoming self/titled debut EP.

A tense and compulsive, as well as spasmodic and agonizing track, built on churning, ghostly and magnetic riff-driven progressions close to the abrasive hallucinated ride of Svervedriver’s “Rave Down”, underpinned by a heavy and sludgy rhythm section and decorated, towards the end, by acid wiry leads of Crazy Horse or Space-Rock bygone vibes, which the emphatic, haunted Emma Fruit‘s vocalizations intensify and shape.

Droning and raucous riffage sizzles with distorted churning energy, punctuated by vigorous and unwavering drumming and a punchy bassline, to throb and buzz into a murky pool of agonising pain, pierced by a swirling turmoil of searing high pitched solos atop lost falling angsty howls, frightened whispers, and haunted echoes, crying helplessly through a heavy grungy contorted chaos of desperate lyrical pleas, to convince oneself its time to let go of past trauma and level up to a higher dimension.

Waiting for the band to reveal their seemingly introspective dream gaze side, the full Nighdrator’s self/titled EP is slated for release on June 4, 2022, enjoy “The Mariner”, loud!

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