Track Of The Day    Mirror Of Haze & ghost georgie

The first impromptu collaboration, the stand-alone single “The Lake”, between the Cold Post-punk artist from Norway, Mirror of Haze, and the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter ghost georgie, works beautifully, seemingly setting the mood for the upcoming MOH album.

The song delves into bewitching dark and atmospheric Dream-Pop / Ethereal Wave leanings, sprinkled with Shoegaze, reminiscent of Lycia or early 4AD, through a heady juxtaposition between surreal nostalgic spectral visions, and distorted, urgent fluid flows, to build a whirlwind of striking sounds, equally evocative and fascinating, as well as shadowy and disturbing, stuck amid dreamlike contemplation and dramatic tension, which emotionally overwhelms the listener.

Desperate lyrics suffer in a purgatorial realm of dark memories, waiting for it all to end.

“The Lake” unwinds over a vibrant sea of reverb-drenched shimmery textures, warm humming bass pulses, and syncopated percussions, cut through by obsessive somber echoes of sharp, lonely guitar melodies, rife with anticipation, drawing stuttering vibrations of ache and nostalgia, into an ecstatic, liberating high-pitched release towards dazzling boundless heights, whilst ravishing. haunted ghostly cries agonize and swoop under a thickening veil of relentless obsessions, to evoke deep melancholy and tragic pain.

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