WL//WH Top 12 ‘VIDEOS OF THE DAY’ 2021

Top 12 ‘Video of the Day’ 2021

2021 was another great year to watch the interpretations of our challenging world events through the evocative lens of music and imagery. It’s is always hard to pick only one per month, but here is the list. Enjoy.


  • NOVYI LEF | “Part of the Bigger Thing” [Newcastle Upon Tyne UK

…strikes a contrast with monochromatic deception, drawing the eye to the faults of an architectural beauty now eroding into an abandoned, haphazardly ruin, while a dramatic, angry performance enhances the caustic nature of the soundtrack with a powerful sentiment of political unrest


A vigorous dose of strobe light hypnosis, freeze frame overlays, and time-lapse editing blurs consciousness over a punk-rock dance sequence with a carefully cast shadow walker, expanding alternate dimensions of outrage and jest perfectly in sync with the manic rhythm of the soundtrack.


  • IAMNOONE “A Fading Memory” [ParmaItaly]

Black and white tones intensify strobe light effects to extract morphing shadows of exaggerated perception around facial expressions overlain in typeface, eliciting esoteric thought. Penetrating eyes of pain reflect distracting textures from shattered dreams and lingering hopes merging into a blurred prism, shifting time into an endless spiral of racing thoughts.


Geometric planes at sunset cast modern alien intrigue over colourful costumes, ornate headpieces, vogue poses, and sassy dance moves to cut an imaginary catwalk through a lunar rock garden. Red lighting, vampiric eyes, and a secret pink elixir draw from the subconscious realms of mystical fantasies to conjure vibes of obscure magic rituals brimming in gothic passions.


  • DIESEIN | “Find Your Love” [Berlin/Belgrade]

Blurry, black and white textures spin an eternal quest for romance under the uncertainty of cloudy horizons, while zoom lens angles capture looming dangers along a solo trek through the back alleys of lost hope. Transition scenes spark gloomy predictions with stormy winds and violent tides, to create an urgent flow of obsessions through the unpredictable currents of fate’s wicked hands.   


Tenebrous smoky auras summon demonic vibes from a ceremonial tarot reading, while an eerie glowing T.V. set flashes doomsday warnings over a static screen. Hypnotic strobing dance sequences, blinking computer lights, and a rising flow of incense haze induces a deep meditational connection, conjuring otherworldly entities to form shadows and illuminations in a dangerous attempt to interview the Devil himself.


Mystical symbols from Singapore flow through the ornate embroidery of a shaman’s robe, breaking streams of sleepy sand from the closed eyes of resistance. Sheer silver gauze enshrouds delusional dreams with digital matrix vision whilst the slow-motion body contortions of ancient healers transform the alien strands of consciousness with iridescent orbs and ceremonial totems to awaken inner doorways of the mind from the shimmering allure of robotic entities.


A lonely drive through the country in an old clunky camper draws fantasy and nostalgia from a timeless scenario, as a quirky, adrenaline-fueled plot involving a barefoot and pregnant hitchhiker bears an otherworldly delivery, left wading into the seashore of long-forgotten myths.


  •  ENZO KREFT | “Ostrich Politics” [Mechelen, Belgium]

Glitched G7 Summit footage creates a mock puppet dance with infamous world leaders, while transition scenes capture the massive destruction from wildfires, floods, and earthquakes, to draw a disturbing view of the growing separation between the elite 1% and global citizens in a post-societal technocracy left crumbling under the guise of heart-string ideologies.


Graffiti strewn underground tunnels hide an ancient flow of secrecy expanding through a modern dystopia of urban decay. Eerie winter sun angles and skewed camera shots cast hazy, hidden horizons over old city architectures where shadows loom and history breathes anxiety and dread. Rigid stoic figures clad in retro Punk Rock attire transmit deadly visions whilst a ceremonial candle of hope burns precariously dim.


  • CLOSED TEAR | “Time” [Harbor Area Los Ángeles, California]

A dreamy stream of visual consciousness with time-travelling nostalgic bliss. Time out from life’s repetitive flow of routine roboticisms leads to a groovy day with friends spent wandering in a record store, jamming in a garage session, and swaying under the stars at a live gig. Cool skateboarding footage winds through a hazy lake party to carve carefree days and nights beyond the endless sunset horizons into an intoxicating nocturnal spin of disco ball light reflections.


Skewed camera angles, strobing lights, and smoky airs transform a local venue into blurry ghostly visions, whilst the blood and tears from haunted ancient traditions extract buried mental control from the subconscious lair of indoctrinated nocturnal wanderings.