WL//WH Track Of The Day : DAYLIGHT ROBBERY “Signal Bleed”

Track Of The Day

Chicago-based DIY post-punk trio, comprised of Jeff Rice (drums), Christine Wolf (bass, vocals) and David Wolf (guitar, vocals),  Daylight Robbery have just released a new 4-track EP 7inch titled “Signal Bleed” via Taken By Surprise Records , with already 3 albums behind them, the last “Accumulated Error” in 2016from a band continuously evolving and perfecting their brand of urgent and post-punk reminiscent of early 80’s guitar driven bands like Wipers, Mission Of Burma and the vocal trade-offs of The X.

The title-track “Signal Bleed” is a superb, haunting and desolate gem, backed by solid pounding drums, the weeping bright guitar ebbs and flows between excruciating riffs and suffering distortions, chasing the superb, evocative and emotional Christine‘s vocals, conjuring hope and despair of a woman lost in pain and fear and loneliness. A dramatic cry for the love that was.

Add two captivating and dense The X-like vocal trade-offs numbers, especially the single “Superstition”, this is heartfelt and compelling guitar post-punk at its finest, catch the band performing in the current Daylight Robbery European Tour 2018 starting today, highly recommended!

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