WL//WH Single Review : SARA STUTTGART “Sister”

New Music  Review Sara Stuttgart

This is a pretty mysterious outfit and a well kept secret moniker; introducing Sara Stuttgart from New York. In the streams of old school darkwave music and in the likes of a totally alternative shoegaze approach, Sara Stuttgart has presented so far a 4-track EP (last May track of the day here) and the brand new “Sister” single dropped at the very start of this year. A bit eerie in its whole sonic atmosphere, this moniker is like hiding itself in the crowd and even more intriguing, like staring at us behind the concrete trees of the metropolis N.Y. Most likely I’d think that it is one person’s case in all, one soul behind the music, the lyrics, vocals, all instruments, and the production too. On the other hand, I found nothing at all which identifies Sara Stuttgart as a band.

What really got my interest is the music which took me directly back to the glory days of 4AD records. These ’80s oriented misty and hazy sounds in the likes of This Mortal Coil and Cocteau Twins, and yet still blended with modern shoegaze spices with a clear post-punk annotation and all through an outright darkwave channel. Sara Stuttgart‘s musings are adventurous and addictive, performed like the person (or the persons) behind these creations is a veteran on that genre and motions. “Sister” single also includes “Insensitive” and it all sounds and appears as a spiral trip between these two terminals. I can hardly wait for an LP because it seems like this outfit has a lot more to say and offer.

Check it out!

Written by Loud Cities Mike

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