WL//WH Single Premiere: THE GALAXY ELECTRIC “Destination Omega”

WL//WH Premiere  The Galaxy Electric

WL//WH is pleased to invite you to the adventurous, off-kilter cosmic maze of “Destination Omega”, the first single taken from New York‘s retro-futurists The Galaxy Electric‘s upcoming self-produced limited edition double coloured vinyl album “Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday” scheduled for release on October 22, 2020.

Self-taught sound engineer and machine-man Augustus combine avant-pop elements, leftfield electronica, and cosmic psychedelia into a hypnotic concoction of space echoes, reverbs and distortions to enhance Jacqueline‘s lounge-inspired vocal incantations that soar harmoniously like a siren from a faraway galaxy.

Quirky electronic emulations rotate mechanically in off-kilter hollow tones like a psychedelic pinball machine looping on jilt. Spatial bass fragments and oscillations drone glitchily echoing into distant expansions. Light buzzing beats hesitate as high pitched, atmospheric female vocals fall quivering in euphoric intensity, layering with piercing circular voice drops, and distant zero gravity hums floating weightless in a field of stars.

The song is about a moment in time when hope shifts to a “realization that what you find is never what you were seeking.” Introspective lyrics flow in the rhetoric of esoteric curiosity bending like a willow with Fate’s mercurial whims.

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Photo by Jen Meller