WL//WH Single Premiere: GHOST PATTERNS “Disappears”

Single Premiere  Ghost Patterns

Drawing on members from the U.K. and Canada, the London-based alt shoegaze quartet Ghost Patterns, comprised of Terry Hale (vocals/guitars/keys); Somrata Sarkar (vocals/keys/guitars); Letitia Austin (bass) and James Walker (drums, percussion) are going to release today their second single “Disappears”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, available on digital through the group’s Bandcamp.

Freshly born out an invite to play a London show supporting Desert Mountain Tribe (under the band’s THale solo moniker) for the renowned independent label Club AC30 in May 2019, the 4-piece drawn elements from late 60’s psychedelia, British ’70s-’80s independent post-punk scene through to the 90’s shoegaze/ U.S. alt-rock scenes, to create a Dark/Sparkling/Spacey and Noisy sound made of swathes of layered guitars and icy synth textures washed in reverb, juxtaposed with pounding bass lines and abrasive drums to round off the sonic palette.

Within a heady dark and immersive blend of shoegaze atmospheric introspection, post-punk dismal moodiness, and subtle lysergic nuances, “Disappears” ignites by profoundly resonant ominous guitar melodies that inject layers of impending doom, underlie by deep vibrating synth hums, lithe drums and bleak simmering sinuous bassline around ethereal, contemplative male vocals, echoed by space out, nervous female vocalizations, absorbed in esoteric thought, revealing an endless struggle to remove societal oppression bound by restraints.
A seethingly deceptive calm slowly grows in sonic intensity as the rhythms pound and rattle along blazing sorrowful guitar leads hopelessly reverberating on top, leaving two perplexed souls “lost in love, lost in life”, and wondering when it will all “disappear”.

Ghost Patterns‘ new single “Disappears” is out today on the band’s Bandcamp. Don’t miss out!

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