WL//WH Single Premiere: CROOKED GHOST ‘Sinew In Red’

Single Premiere Crooked Ghost

Today we Premiere the brand new single ‘Sinew In Red’ from the forthcoming ‘Colors Bleed’ EP by Asheville‘s post-punks Crooked Ghost! The record releases September 20 following their latest and really great album ‘Skeleton House’ that was released last November.

It is pretty impressive and utterly positive and a benefit for a band to write seemingly post-punk music and blending it all with other indie-oriented elements like our friends from North Carolina. They say they write a kind of a dream-punk style, and this is something which appears sonically romantic and groovy. In my ears, the band sounds post-punk with a clear shoegaze twist inside which makes their songs sound a bit denser while the frontman Ray Lark is the imprint of the new-romantic singing style. He is original, he is true and he has obviously been inspired by singers like Morrissey and the sad wings of Brian Molko together with the passion of a Brett Anderson. A totally different voice and a hue than these three guys, Ray Lark is a singing persona not afraid to show some of his roots while he has developed his own musical character and leading a band so skilled.

Sinew in Red was written in response to trauma, but to me, there’s a lot of strength and empowerment in this song. It also touches upon things like vanity and lust… It’s essentially about being in the closet and having a dirty secret no one is supposed to know, but you ratted yourself out,” says the frontman as ‘Colors Bleed’ is the third release from the Asheville-based collective.

These four new songs see Crooked Ghost moving in a more colorful direction. The songs are bigger and brighter than those before, with dreamy melodies, and some of the Ghosts most honest lyrics to date. If I tried to compare or relate the new EP with the previous album I would say that now the Ghosts are looking away from their grey and veiled darkwave past. Still the same team but with a new, autonomous and independent chapter in their book. Let me give you some more info about the band; Formed in 2013 by Ray Lark, Crooked Ghost was initially a channel for leftover songs that didn’t seem to fit in any of the other bands Lark was involved in, but quickly became the focal point of his creative energy. Today Crooked Ghost is Ray Lark (guitar, vocals), Chris Saldin (bass), Alex Cannon (keyboard), Jon Wyatt (drums) and Charles Reed (guitar).

You may save the following link for when the record goes public and you may also check these dates:


August 1 – Cincinnati, OH at Junkers Tavern
August 2 – Pittsburgh, PA at The Government Center
August 3 – Philadelphia, PA at Nacho House (House venue)
August 4 – Queens, NY at Windjammer

…and I have also a PS for you; this was among the leading tracks of ‘Skeleton House’

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Written by Loud Cities Mike