On Friday, March 29, the German independent record label Cold Transmission Music published the amazing showcase compilation ZEITGEIST CHROME VOL. 02 as a Digital release and a Limited Coloured & hand-numbered edition of 250 copies on Vinyl. Τhis very interesting and very useful new release contains 10 tracks from the label’s roster with 3 unreleased ones. We’ve got great music from important names in the field of the wider dark alternative front (all of them) and a ‘warning’ from the label about what’s to come record-wise in 2024.

I usually don’t present each track separately in my reviews. However, today I feel that I should honor the names of this collection separately and greet the label too as several of these tracks have already passed through the Loud Cities radio show…and I think it will be fun too, yeah!

  • SYZYGYX “Your Sex Is An Accelerant”: This one is previously unreleased and a very cool track to start the show with. Dark techno, and coldwave all together in some EBM ‘side street’ that leads to your favorite dancefloor late at night!                                                                                                                                                               
  • KALTE NACHT “Our Moments Αre Answers”: I guess CTMusic chose this song to show us in the most convincing way why they signed this band from Athens GR – and Kalte Nacht are already important for the soundtrack of our lives in our beloved city!

  • YEARS OF DENIAL & TEATRE “In Circles”: A previously unreleased track and a stunning effort by them to create one utterly addictive tune, one stunning mid-tempo dark sonic beauty, and yes, I agree with the person in the comments of this link who describes this song as ‘grandiose’, yes it is!                                                   
  • OLIVER DECROW“I Close My Eyes”: When this one was released last year our sister from Houston, Catt Gillette, premiered it here in WL//WH and wrote that it is … grey, dramatic melancholia pervaded the mechanical driving rhythmic bounce, relentlessly thrust through slashing snares, crisp striking percussions, along with undulating and rumbling murky low-ends, penetrated by dim alarming icy bright synth strains…ominous black and white visuals by Oliver DeCrow himself immerse the viewer in a psychological thriller to sync seamlessly with the heady shadows of the soundtrack.”  All true, all to the point!

  • RINA PAVAR  “Heavy Rain (Chrome Edit)”: She nailed me again this time with this almost furious minimal-EBM tune and I guess you’ll love it too, this tune is ‘neverending’!
  • NECRØ “Deathward”: Previously unreleased this very modern blend with dark techno and the required robotic minimalism, this track is like a spiral infinitum and needs loudness to get into it for good!

  • NOROMAKINA – “Dopamine”: I read on Bandcamp that this track by Juan Manuel is “a powerful electro-clash anthem that dives into the raw, darker side of pleasure and pain…”, and I can’t wait to listen to the new stuff coming this year!
  • PERMANENT DAYLIGHT“Temptress (Single Version)”: This ScottishIndian darkwave duo based in Berlin, created the most cinematic track for this compilation, a true cold-darkwave adventure, nice! 
  • GREY GALLOWS“Dying Light (ACTORS Remix)”: What an honor for our good friends Grey Gallows from the city of Patras GR to be remixed by the Canadian magnitude of ACTORS! What a song! What an amazing result!
  • DEUS EX LUMINA & ANTIPOLE – “Destroy”: The lovely darkwave art of Deus Ex Lumina together with Antipole in a very cool track, a very nice collaboration between two important names of the scene!

Last, I see that ZEITGEIST CHROME VOL. 02 Vinyl Mastering done by Pete Burns at The Shelter. Well, ladies and gents, we all know Kill Shelter, right?!

Here is the entire new compilation by Cold Transmission Music!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike


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