WL//WH Review: Wondrous Psychedelic Trips With MELODY FIELDS in Two New Albums, “1901” & “1991”


Well, I don’t know why and don’t know how Melody Fields from Gothenburg, Sweden, decided to release (almost simultaneously) two albums together, but one thing is certain now; when records like these are brought together, they create a more complete and global effect as the band’s proposition is a very colorful and groovy psychedelic rock music. Why wait for the next album when it’s already there?

On October 14 came the first epic “1901” LP with 10 brand new songs, and November 8 saw the following 8-track album “1991”, both published through Coop Records (EU) and Nudie Records (USA). I am almost speechless with their creativity and talent as this band from Sweden takes their psychedelic music to the highest level with cool ideas for new adventures. Their music is a blend of modern rock and psychedelia, characterized by heavy fuzz from their amplifiers, solid arrangements, and a groovy sound. At the same time, their music is also very melodic, with occasional dream pop elements, and is as colorful as the modern shoegazers too. I’ll give you a few examples from “1901” LP first.

Somehow that’s how things are on this album “1901”, so groovy and so real. For more adventures, here is the whole album!

And now regarding the following “1991” LP I copy from their EPK –

“1991” takes a different approach as a concept album that evolved from late-night jam sessions, experimental sounds, and danceable music. It presents four collaborations including contributions from GOAT and Al Lover…these collaborations offer fresh perspectives and invigorating interpretations, breathing new energy into the music and allowing it to evolve further.

The leading track is “Hallelujah” with an official video too.

This album is quite a bit more 90s-oriented indie rock in the likes of Primal Scream or Kula Shaker and Happy Mondays at times, and of course, the band’s psychedelic rock sound remains unchanged as they continue to produce these endless and beautiful ideas, i.e. “Dandelion”

…or “Son Of Man”, or “Jesus Lover”, or the very interesting rendition of “Diary of a Young Man” of the Television Personalities. At the end of the day, I can only say that Melody Fields released two albums that were different but almost similar. Each album sounded great on its own, but the true magic happened when listening to them back-to-back as a whole. So, here is also the “1991” LP and I must inform you that both albums are available Digitally and on Vinyl too, play them loud!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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