WL//WH Review: THIS COLD NIGHT’s Stunning “Black Cherry” EP

EP Review This Cold Night

On December 1st, This Cold Night from Austin, Texas, released the new and stunning indeed ‘Black Cherry’ EP. TCN started back in 2014 with a striking S/T debut album which put the project’s name immediately in the action field of the dedicated media and the dedicated radio stations. In the same year, we also applauded ‘That Which I Cannot Control’ LP, we had an original post-punk new talent in the pitch! later on, we enjoyed the rest of the albums as TCN‘s fame was granted sincerely among the most reliable ambassadors of post-punk international. ‘Black Cherry’ EP follows on the same trademark path which Nobody shaped and the same path which made him shape his musings. Let me explain, in the record’s credits I read, written and recorded by Nobody. Nobody has a name and it is Chase Morledge who shapes the game and plays all the roles in hardware and software. Now let me go back a bit and explain further what I mean when saying about that trademark musical path that he shapes. All of his records were drowned in nostalgia and in the neo-romantic singing style. Also, all of TCN‘s releases seemingly jumped off the rebirth and the new school of the subtractive international post-punk gang. I don’t mean ‘minimal’ but that refreshed style which is inasmuch loaded with immersive new ideas and great talent which needs the required musical space in it to evolve and show the artists’ own truth.

This Cold Night is among these quite a lot of outfits that compose and play alone (most of the time), who while dearly loving the post-punk caves, the whole process ends up and appears as coldwave music. Quite clear why this is happening and totally respected when the outcome brings the chills too! ‘Black Cherry’ EP is a brilliant record with 4 tracks on how to coldwave the post-punk genre. Everything in here is utterly post-punk music in a cold cave alone and wondering why. It is these great riffs and the solid base they are on which makes it all sound stunning. And it is the singing of Chase Morledge which makes them great, unique and imposing. Add the natural consequence of darkwave too and you have a fabulous release at the end of 2019! Do you think that a 4-track album is not enough to move you and groove you? Here it is with a warm applaud from the WL//WH team on this, so come on!!!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike