WL//WH Review: The Wondrous Interplay Between NO+ANA in their first S/T LP via TONN Recordings

WL//WH Review   NO+ANA

A couple of months ago, the home of select synth record label TONN Recordings from Belfast, published the wondrous interplay between these two unique and so well electro-educated artists, NO+ANA in their S/T LP. It’s clear that the collaboration between Antonio Pavao Pereira (NO) from Montreal, Canada, and Ana Gartner from Medellin, Colombia, resulted in a stunning album as all songs in it are shouting the ‘constructive link’ between them. The album features 7 songs with a cold wave, to-die-for, and unstoppable dance vibe that will have you hitting repeat. Include aesthetic criteria and sound standards from Belfast label for an amazing minimal-synth, Cold Wave album.

The first specimen from the album was the official video of “Jaded” which is also the opening track of the record and when you open your album like this, things are expected to be astonishing, and they are!

The next official video “See Through” incorporates the minimalism and linear composition of cold wave music, evokes the atmosphere of underground clubs, and captures the mechanical energy of dancing amidst the pressures of urban life. And after that tune, I have a few more things to say…

The whole album sounds like this, the whole album makes you move and turn up the volume, the whole album sounds collaborative on all levels, and as if the two voices ‘require’ and ‘demand’ each other in all the tracks. The only problem that this particular album might have is that I went to the record store to ask “When is their next album coming out?” and I heard “Hey Mike, their first collaboration just came out, be patient and groove with it again and again”, yeah that was my only problem with NO+ANA. As for other songs that I suggest from the album, try “Stop Me”, or “Run Faster” which is my anthem and a song for big daydreaming epitomizing the linear synthesized music. Also “Moving Target” for great emotions, “Dressed Up” for the synth-punk oriented motion once again, and absolutely “Synchronize” to feel a little again like a robot in the human world. So, here is the album, and please listen to it loud!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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